A New Thermochemical Battery

An Alternative Pathway for Storing Renewable Energy

The Battery of the Future

More Efficient Than Lithium-Ion
12 Times the Energy Density of a Lead Acid Battery

Rather than Storing an Electrical Charge, it Converts the Electrical Input to Heat.

The Bucky Battery incorporates Buckyballs or Fullerene, a new form of carbon. Thats why we call it the Bucky Battery. Buckyballs are made up of 60 atoms and shaped like a hollow soccer ball.

The Bucky Battery is a cost-effective thermal battery that will revolutionise the landscape of renewable energy production.

Fullerenes wtih Metal Inside


Empowering The Future

The Bucky Battery can accept electricity from any source and store it in the form of latent heat.

The Bucky Battery is a reversible chemical reaction, the thermal energy transforms into chemical energy. Energy can be stored in the metal hydride indefinitely and long-time storage will not decrease efficiency, as the hydrogen is part of a stable chemical bond. Metal hydroxides are reversible exothermic reactions.

The Buck Battery has more than twenty times higher energy density than other heat storage technologies, such as Molten Salt.

Metal Hydride

Bucky Batteries stores electricity from any power source in the form of heat and creates electricity from that heat. Heat turned into electricity.

Using cutting edge thermal batteries to store the suns power and deliver zero emission, low cost energy after the sunsets.

The Bucky Battery consists of a hot and a cold side. The Bucky Battery is charged by the heat from any energy source. Like the heat from the sun. Or by the electricity generated from solar cell panels to generate heat in an electric furnace. This creates a reaction between the heat metals and hydrogen to store the heat energy. Hydrogen contains the maximum energy per mass among all fuels. The Bucky Battery new thermal technology has no degradation problems. Is able to store the heat for an extremely long time. With close to zero energy losses and no corrosion and it does not include any rare metals.

Bucky Batteries are Very Energy Dense - No Degradation - No Rare Earth Materials

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a key technology for implementing renewable energies.

Chemical storage is the technology of storing heat by utilizing reversible chemical reactions.

This represents a benchmark in energy storage.

Integrating Thermochemical Energy Storage Via a Thermal Battery

How It Technically Works

In this reversible chemical reaction, the thermal energy transforms into chemical energy. In the forward reaction, thermal energy serves as the power source to drive the chemical reaction and it is able to store heat by breaking the chemical bonds in the AB molecules, dissociating AB into A and B. Obviously, it is an Endothermic Process. In the reverse reaction, since the intrinsic property of exothermic reaction, the A and B molecules bind together and produce AB compounds, transforming the chemical energy back to thermal energy and releasing a large amount of heat. During the process of thermal energy storage and release, the most important thing is that the heat is stored in chemical form without any thermal waste and the energy in the chemicals do not fade in a long time

Using thermal batteries will revolutionize the landscape of renewable energy production world-wide.

One Battery Many Applications

Applications: To firm up renewables projects. As a peaking resource for Utilities, Industry, Goverment. Bucky Batteries will also be used for peaking power and for power grid support and as auxilliary batteries .

Critical Need - How Does it Help Humanity

There is a critical need to find efficient, cost-effective energy storage solutions to maximize the use of domestic solar and wind energy resources. Most utility-scale solar power plants only run at about 25% of their capacity because they can't generate power at night. The Bucky Battery - thermal energy storage makes it possible to increase this capacity to up to 100%.

"Absent battery storage, the whole value proposition of intermittent renewable energy makes no sense at all," said Donald Sadoway, a battery researcher at MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MHD Energy

A Game Changer is Coming

Energy Storage is Unquestionably a High Growth Potential Market

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