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New Thermochemical Improvements in Energy Storage Density Technology

Concentrating Solar Power Utility Inc (CSPU) has developed a highly-engineered Metal Hydride Battery which is an improved, new way of storing electricity in the form of heat. This enables renewable energy systems to generate electricity 24 hours a day.

Electricity will be turned into heat and stored at Temp 800 degrees Celsius. This heat energy will be stored inside the CSPU Hydride Battery. When power is needed, the CSPU Hydride Battery powers a Stirling Heat Engine - that creates electricity.

Super High-Performance, Safe, and Reliable Energy Storage Solutions

Hydride Battery Uses Metal Hydrides to Store Energy and an Advanced Stirling Engine to Convert to Electricity.

Battery storage is the fastest growing industry in the United States.

"Longer-term, I Believe that Recent Events Will Actually Accelerate the Shift Toward Greener Sources of Energy " - BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

CSPU Is in the business of building, superior, economical and more efficient energy storage systems. Which are pacifically designed to be used with Renewable Energy Power Plants.

Game Changing Technology

Hydride Battery is a Technology Ready to be Developed RIGHT NOW!

The company is preparing for several technical demos, followed by commercial demonstrations, to cater for different targeted market segments, ranging from long duration grid energy storage to creating energy storage for industry, independent households and micro grids.

Storing Electrical Energy and Harvesting it Back Out on Demand

Hydriding - Dehydriding

Exploiting Chemical Bonds to Efficiently Store Energy - Metal Hydrides Undergoing Hydriding/Dehydriding Cycles

Phase Change Material - Can offer an order of magnitude increase in heat capacity. When compared with conventional materials.

Maximizing the Output of the Thermochemical Reactor Battery

Helping to Solve the World’s Energy Storage Challenges

Cost-Competitive, Sustainable, and Reliable Power

Metal Hydride Batteries have many exceptional favorable properties, such as reversibility, and a high extractable gravimetric energy density.

Energy storage is a key component of all decarbonization scenarios.

Innovative Storage for Clean Renewable Energy - Fights Climate Change

The CSPU Thermal Battery will change the world.

Metal hydrides have a distinct advantage due to the significant amount of research which has been conducted on the cycle stability of hydrogen storage materials. The most abundant element in the world is hydrogen. Hydride Battery is working on developing a new type of battery or energy storage technology focusing on the markets for large-scale energy storage, Long-Duration Energy Storage.

Overcoming the Limitations of Conventional Battery Technology

An Game Changing Improvement in High Energy Density and Efficiency

The CSPU Metal Hydride Battery offers "a very high thermal capacity (approximately 15-20 times that of current systems)" - U.S. Department of Energy

Bond Energy Storage - Dependent on reaction temperature and enthalpy.

Thermal energy is transformed into chemical energy. Thermochemical energy, offers a higher amount of energy stored per mass of storage material. The special feature of metal hydrides as reversible heat storage systems is that upon their thermal dissociation the liberated hydrogen is simultaneously a fuel with the highest known gravimetric energy density. Thermochemical heat storage systems can provide very high energy densities and economic systems.

TCES is defined as the storage of heat energy through the cycling of matter through two or more thermodynamic states.

Thermochemical energy storage (TCES) is considered the third fundamental method of heat storage, along with sensible and latent heat storage. TCES concepts use reversible reactions to store energy in chemical bonds. During discharge, heat is recovered through the reversal reaction. This heat is used to power a generator.

Low-Cost, High-Temperature, High Energy Density Thermal Energy Storage Systems

"Metal Hydride Batteries creates a low-cost thermal energy storage system that can store 10 times more energy than current state-of-the-art thermal energy storage systems." - Energy U.S. Department of Energy

The Hydride Battery converts electricity into heat energy, stores it and then converts it back into usable electricity at a later time, chemical-mechanical batteries, utility-scale storage.

High-efficiency Metal hydrides are distinctive owing to the presence of the lightest element of the periodic table (H), being bonded to a metal.

Metal Hydrides high temperature thermal heat storage technique has great promising future.

The Hydride Battery is a heat battery that stores heat energy in a reversible chemical reaction, using a new class of high efficiency materials, discovered in 1985.

The Metal Hydride materials have a combination of thermodynamic energy storage densities and kinetic power capabilities that previously have not been demonstrated. "Thermochemical energy storage based on Metal Hydrides represents many unique advantages and offers a very appealing prospect for lower costs and higher efficiency" - DOE.

Industrializing and Commercializing

Green Energy Economy

Advanced energy storage provides an integrated solution to some of America’s most critical energy needs: electric grid modernization, reliability, and resilience; sustainable mobility; flexibility for a diverse and secure, all-of-the-above electricity generation portfolio; and enhanced economic competitiveness for remote communities and targeted micro-grid solutions.

Storage technologies strengthen and stabilize the U.S. grid by providing backup power, leveling loads, and offering a range of other energy management services. Electric vehicles (EVs) are also poised to become an integral part of this new grid paradigm as their batteries both draw power from and supply it back to the grid (when beneficial) – while eliminating tailpipe emissions. - Office of Technology Transitions U.S. Department of Energy

Thermal Battery
A Thermochemical Solution

The company’s mission is to revolutionize energy storage to enable a sustainable future. The SCALABLE Hydride Battery helps in the fight against climate change and will have a substantial positive impact on our environment and economy. Fossil fuels - coal, oil, and gas - will not last forever.

Concentrating Solar Power Utility, Inc. (CSPU) is leading the way in the development of Advanced Energy Storage, High-Performance Proprietary Metal Hydride Batteries.

Critical Need: Electricity generation accounts for 25% of all the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide each year. "Absent battery storage, the whole value proposition of intermittent renewable energy makes no sense at all" - MIT

Implementing Energy Storage for Peak-Load Shifting

Working to help build and energize the future, the Hydride Battery technology will provide a much-needed advancement in a market estimated to be $40 billion by 2025. Metal Hydride Based Thermochemical Batteries offer an enormous billion-dollar global market, Electric Power Plants, Solar/Wind Power. Energy storage will be instrumental in the mass scale implementation of renewables, Grid Storage. The Hydride Battery will enable the next wave of renewables on the Grid.

Reducing The Cost of Energy Storage

Concentrating Solar Power Utility Inc Hydride Battery technology will provide a much-needed advancement in a market estimated to be $40 billion by 2025. Metal Hydride Based Thermochemical Batteries offer an enormous billion-dollar global market, Electric Power Plants, Solar/Wind Power.

The Thermal Battery Stores Excess Baseload Energy

The real future opportunities for investment in the energy sector are renewables. Most utility-scale renewable energy power plants only run at about 25% of their capacity because they can't generate power at night-thermal energy storage makes it possible to increase this capacity to up to 60-75%. Similarly, power plants produce a constant output of power--thermal energy storage could help increase this output during times of critical peak demand. Therefore saving utility companies billions of dollars.

The demand for renewable energy generation continues to increase as more and more cities commit to carbon reduction goals.

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