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Concentrating on the Sun

"The technology is a mouthful—Magnetohydrodynamics, or MHD—but the concept is simple. Concentrate the rays of the sun by mirrors or lens to create superheated gas and then use superconducting magnets to extract electricity from this gas. Think of the system as an electrical generator where wires are replaced by ionised gas. The solar conversion rate of 60 percent is much higher than regular solar thermal technologies where the conversion efficiency hovers around 40 percent. The technology and associated high temperature components have been developed by New York-based Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Concentrating Solar Power Utility, a startup founded by the inventors. With an original, unique design, fabrication of the device is the key here, says Tom Kay, founder of CSPU.”

MHD generators are well known in basic principle. MHD offers a great potential for the generation of electricity with a minimum of pollution and at economical costs. The estimated electrical efficiency for power generation of the system could potentially approach 70%.

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